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Every guest is the first

At the Camping Vallecrosia, every guest can feel they are the first to stay there, since every bungalows is sanitized with the oxidising power of ozone to purify, sanitise, disinfect and deodorise environments naturally and ecologically. Ozone makes bacteria and viruses inactive, eliminates bad smells like smoke, destroys dust mites, insects, bacteria, spores and moulds in an entirely natural way. Our guests can therefore be sure of being the first to enjoy a truly sterilized and clean environment.

Camping Vallecrosia, the campsite by the sea

Holidays in Liguria - Riviera dei Fiori - Bordighera

A warm welcome at our campsite in the magnificent Riviera dei Fiori, between Bordighera and Ventimiglia.

Camping Vallecrosia is overlooking the sea and the promenade, away from the noise while being downtown. Tranquility and silence are the characteristics of this little paradise, shaded by ancient trees, only a few miles aways from the fascinating Sanremo.

The height of relaxation in a pleasant environment, well-kept and equipped with all comforts.